GDE UX issue with saving columns vs custom actions

When creating a column you must save it by pressing the “Done” button.

When creating a custom action you can click on the custom actions window, outside of the “Configure Action” box to complete that part of the action, and then press “Save” to save the entire action, after naming it.

What I find myself doing when creating a template column, for example, is clicking on the GDE outside of the column creation window, thereby discarding my column that I was trying to create.

It’s a subtle difference in the UX that makes me swear sometimes.


This is a good point. There are some inconsistencies in various parts of Glide that can be a bit frustrating. These sorts of small fixes would be good to keep in mind if @Mark has any future live coding sessions planned.

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Yeah, this has been a long time annoyance of mine.
The fact that the fly-out menu is particularly twitchy makes it even worse.
I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding that fly-out menu as much as possible - that is, by using the search to find columns when configuring other columns.


Yes! Search has saved me from getting super frustrated many times because of this. It seems to have gotten worse in the last 4 weeks or so.

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