G-mail is not working for me

Hello Gliders,

I am facing issue when I trigger a action to send Gmail It comes this error " send email: could not decode integration response" . I checked the value in to: section and it is correct even all the parameters.

I tried to reconnect my Gmail integration but not working. please see the attached screenshot.

Same error here

But actually , I am getting the email as well & this error same time.

Same for me.

The error always shows up, and the mails are sent once in a while…

Hi Lucas

Don’t your Google mails trigger? I would be surprised if so. I meticulously check every single email I trigger, even in the Sent folder they are always sent. In my case, fortunately, all Gmails have been triggered to date.

To be honest, this is one of the main features why we use Glide, namely because of the Gmail integration. Glide really needs to take care of this integration. This part of automated communication is critical for any supply chain related project.

He Tempi,

I agree. Emails are sent from time to time, but I still get this error message. So UX is not good as the client thinks something is wrong, besides each step after the Gmail actions is stopped.

Hi Lucas

I forwarded this as bug report to glide. They apparently hotfixed a fewdaysago, which i can confirm from our side.

In case you still have the bug:

  1. Remove integration and add it again
  2. Delete the action and create action again
  3. I suggest you to put the gmail action as last, that way you won’t face the issue of following actions. Btw., the error message is not visible in the frontend apps, so user do not notice anything.