Error Message after send E-Mail with Gmail integration

Hi Gliders

We use Gmail integration to send notifications about new tasks or task updates. Everything was working fine.

The bug:
Since 2 days an error message appears (luckily the emails are triggered anyway).

The problem:

  • Because of the error message, the rest of the action cannot be executed (goback, success message, clear values in the form components).

What we have already tried:

  • We disconnected and reconnected the Gmail integration
  • We have tried different active and working Gmail accounts
  • we have deleted the integration from the action and integrated it again
  • we replaced all custom values (values from computations) in this fields: to:/subject/html body with simple, static values). Just to check if any of our computed values or the custom html body does cause the error
  • We created a new test project and integrated the gmail account with another active and working gmail account (we used simple values for: “to” / “subject” text / “body” text)

    the error remains! Sorry for my frustration, but this is online. Because of all our troubleshooting, I came up to report this as a bug, sorry if it’s our fault somehow.

Explainer Video (we send this to glide suport)

Thanks for your help and




There seems to be some reports about this in the forum yesterday. Please update us if you hear back from support. Thank you!

Hi Everyone

i’ve added a support request on this 2 days ago. they are on it. i will report on this as i have news.


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Thanks for the update.

@Tempi This has been resolved. :slight_smile:

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