Fuzzy video rendering

Hello there I’m am seeking help with fuzzy YouTube videos playing in my app. On YouTube the video is clear but on my app it’s not. Has anyone else had this issue?

Can you attach a video of the problem and possibly the specific YouTube video in question as well?

Here is the (unlisted) YouTube link: Getting Started With Crafty Notes Pro - YouTube

Here’s my app: https://craftynotes.afrobloomart.com/

You can view the video without paying for a subscription.

Side note, If you sacrifice the product description field in the buy button and use the field to send Stripe a user row ID (or other unique number) then you don’t need to worry about members using a different email address for payment. This will require a separate Glide Table with 1 row per user… there is a thread for this on here for that.

When viewing the video in your app, what is the quality setting set to in the video player? I think it started playing for me at 720p, but if I backed it down to 144p it was really blurry. It looked good at 480p and I was able to bump it all the way up to 1080p where it looked great.

Can you confirm what quality level your video player is set to? You can select a quality level, or select auto.


It was set to 360p in the app. I’ll bump it up in YouTube. Thanks for your help!


Good to know I’ll check it out!

One more question. If I bump up the quality in YouTube, will it apply to everyone using the app or will I have to instruct users to improve the quality if they see a problem? Or is it better to change the video so the settings are better?

I’m not familiar with how videos are handled in YouTube as far as uploading and any settings. But I do know that typically a YouTube video, whether you are viewing on the YouTube site or embedded on another website, will have the settings button on the video itself for the end user. Usually it’s set to ‘Auto’ which should choose the best resolution based on your connection speed to prevent any buffering. You can always override it to any available resolution instead of Auto, but that’s a setting for the end user. Not something you can force as far as I know.

Since 1080p was an available option in the player settings, I assume that it is the highest quality available to play your video. I wouldn’t think there is anything you would or could change on the video itself (again not familiar with the YouTube site if things). It should play perfectly clear for most users as long as they have a good fast connection and they have their settings in the player set to auto or a higher resolution. I’m guessing for whatever reason, your particular device maybe doesn’t have a solid connection or the settings in the player were hard set to 360p. For most everyone else, it probably already looks clear to them and is playing at a higher resolution.

There used to be this method with the vq parameter.

But apparently it does not work anymore and automatically changes to whatever is the highest quality your device can support.

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