A message for the team that manages the YouTube live apps features and demos

Hello Gliders.
I Have a request for the nice people in charge of the live Q&As, demos, showcases and so:

Please reduce the resolution of the demo screen to the minimum possible

It’s very difficult to understand all the details showed, the tables, the settings and so…

I mostly watch the videos on my 60” tv and even there it doesn’t show well. And I can imagine that many people are watching from their smartphones, and there it gets just impossible.

Is not only the big resolution of the presenter’s monitor (what causes everything to look tiny) is also the compression of the live broadcast that makes everything blurred. And sometimes the layout of the presenters and guests faces next to the demo screen doesn’t help either.

The last live stream (“Build with Glide: V88”) was a good example of this problem. The presenter had a biger than usual resolution on his monitor (probably a 27”) and everything looked tiny.

Take a look at this screenshots from my iPhone. Try to watch them from a smartphone screen and you will understand.

I was telling the same to THE GREAT Robert Petito so we can receive better all the amazing knowledge he always shares in his videos.

Ok. Thats it! I hope this feedback is useful!


Maybe I should rise awareness to this to @NoCodeAndy :nerd_face:

Thanks for the feedback, @Geremy_de_Melo!

In the future we’ll have presenters zoom in on the builder so it’s easier to see what’s being shared.

Thanks for joining the session. :+1:

That will be great!!

But for now please consider reducing the resolution to the demo screen :pray:t2:


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