Function update Rollbacked

I have a free plan.
I have selected airtable as data source
Update function doesnt work on Glide (mobile & desktop layout).
When I update any field, the result is validated. But the expected update is rollbacked after a few second.

I don’t know much about AirTable, but is it possible that these columns are read-only in AirTable, and it is rolling back changes?

Under normal circumstances, the only time this would happen in Glide would be if you tried to update the User Profile → Role column. This is a special case that can only be updated via the Glide Data Editor, the Glide API, or via a connected data source.

The table is not read only.
On Airtable , it depends on level permissions of user
On Glide, api key allows full Airtable data management, I think.

There is limit concerning synch between Glide and Airtable for free plan ?

I imagine Api updates work from Pro plan or higher.

What exact fields are you trying to update? Are they just normal columns or columns that are used in User Profiles settings (i.e: email, name, image, role).

Just Normal columns.

The Glide API allows you to manipulate data in Glide from any external source, it’s not specific to AirTable.

You are limited to 1000 updates per month across all projects in your team on a free plan. I’m not exactly sure what happens when you hit that limit on a free plan. What do you see on your Usage page?

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How are the updates done?
Are you using an edit form, or something else?

You mentioned that it doesn’t work on desktop/mobile - is this using the published App, or using the App in the Glide Builder?

What happens if you edit a value directly via the Glide Data Editor?

A short video that shows the behaviour would be useful.

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Rollbacked Updates are pushed by published App or the App in the Glide Builder.
I notice No Rollback since I have unlink Airtable & Glide data.
According to me , for a free plan

  • Update synch from Glide to Airtable is not available,
  • It works only from Airtable to Glide.