Airtable not syncing with Glide

Hello there. I’ve another issue within my classic app. This time, airtable edits are not synced with glide. I’ve added a column within airtable and when I refresh or do the sync manually on glide nothing happens. How is it possible?

Thank you in advance

I don’t use Airtable, so I may not be of much help.

  • Are you saying that you don’t see the new column in the data editor?
  • Are you still within the usage limits for your plan?
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Hi @Jeff_Hager , suddenly it worked again.
It had another APY key set from airtable so it was not really synced.
Don’t know how this happened.
Isn’t each source/ API key indipendent from one app to another?

Thanks for replying anyway!

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Just doing a quick read of the docs, but if you are referring to the Airtable API key, I imagine it would be the same if multiple apps are using the same tables. If data is to be shared between multiple apps, then they need to be communicating with the same data source.

Maybe you refreshed the API key in Airtable to use in a new app, which deactivated the old API key, so your old app lost is connection and could not longer sync.

Again, I’m not very familiar with the process to connect to Airtable to say for sure, so this is only a guess.

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