User specific columns and airtable sync updates?


I am just looking for some clarification on the new glide pricing regarding updates.

I understand that updates to Glide Tables in the new pricing does not incur and update whereas syncing to an external data source such as Airtable will incur an update.

What I want to clarify is regarding some user specific columns “living” in my Airtable sheets that I use only for logic in Glide, and which I don’t believe sync back to Airtable. Does updating those with a Set Column Action for example count as an update?


Can we have clarification on this @NoCodeAndy ? Thank you.

I’m pretty sure that the answer to that should be no.
And if it isn’t, then I’d say it would be considered a bug.

Making sure I understand here…

  • You have a connected Airtable data source
  • You’re extending that Airtable data with user-specific columns in Glide
  • The additional columns don’t sync back to Airtable

…and you’re wondering if setting a value on the additional column(s) will consume updates?

Yep that is correct @NoCodeAndy

Just following this up @NoCodeAndy