Full Stack ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System

Has anyone attempted to build a full stack ERP system on GlideApps?

These are some core features that need to be accounted for:

  1. Sales and purchase orders management: Edit, create and delete

  2. Purchase and sale invoice management: Edit create and delete

  3. Inventory management, activity and calculations

  4. Accounts management, transaction ledgers and outstanding amounts

I am wanting to build this for a company that is netting an average of 250 sales orders with an average of 4 items per order each week. Of course, each order will reach it’s stage of invoicing so there’s those updates to consider.

Is Glide a good platform to build such an ERP to scale, especially now that Big Tables allows data querying and lazy rendering?

I’ve tried a draft version of it before but it deemed to operationally expensive and averaged about 40k updates per month due to rows being deleted, edited, added, inventory being incremented and decremented etc.

If anyone has done this successfully to scale bearing a reasonable cost in mind, please do share.

I think it would be pretty expensive to scale considering the cost of updates and amount of rows you have to support. I haven’t tried Glide Big Tables, I guess they haven’t been able to make some of the “aggregation” computed columns work? That would be somewhat of a problem with this type of app.

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@ThinhDinh Could you suggest any alternatives with Glide? If not, other solutions you have used that meet the criteria above?

Nope, I don’t have good alternatives to do this, I think it is what it is. I mostly build MVPs, so won’t have a good answer for you. Maybe Flutterflow can give you a better way to scale.

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Glide is perfect for that… I can help you… don’t look for any other platform!

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