Friend Request in Glide

One year this video was made

It’s a great video it helped me a lot but my issue with it is that, in the video, inline list was used to display relation data of users that were requesting to become friends and friend list. But now, I can find the inline list in the recent version and using collection to display it…it shows nothing

Collection is inline list’s replacement and should work the same way. Can you point us to the part of the video that you can not replicate, and show us your current configs?

This is what it looks like, what you are seeing is not the relation, it is users table but I want to display friends based on what as the added to the rel_friends. I actually used users and did so filtering but it displays all friends lists in every account, the requested friends won’t show.


Using the colllection rel_requestedfriends and rel_friends won’t show

Thanks never mind I later found a solution

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