Hello everyone, I’m in Argentina and the applications are frozen when opening. several from different accounts do not work. (clients)
Does this happen to anyone else?

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Share any link to test them please.

Have you tried to use another ISP to load your APPs? E.g. via cellular network

Good day Gustavo, I have tried in several ways. I can’t share customer apps.
I share one for my private use.
Try 10 times and 5 times freeza

Having the same issue this morning - working on the back end but not on my Android phone - none of the apps. Going to open a ticket.

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Thank you for your reply.
I’ve already opened a ticket
It fails me on Android and windows too
Best regards

I rebooted phone, same issue so started recording a Loom but it seems to be fixed now! :star_struck: Glad it was resolved right away! Thanks Glide!

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Hola @Tuttografica

it works fine for me (I tested it 3 times on Windows 10 OS).

Are your problems linked to your own APPs or to any other?


@gvalero ,this particular one worked 50% of the time.
Now I just tried and the others that are from clients work well.

Esta en particular se freezaba la mitad de las veces. hoy varios clientes no me pudieron pasar pedido de esta manera por que no les funcionaba.
Las otras app. son de clientes y no puedo pasar el link. Ocurría lo mismo.
Ahora todo parece funcionar bien.
Quizás se solucionó.