Freeze or normal behavior?

Hello good day.
I have an app with a PRO plan.
in which I only make price inquiries for a list of 24950 products
it has no formulas or relationships. It is only informative.
On the mobile it freezes, on the desktop it works better, is it normal behavior?
It would be the 24950 lines without photos, in the future I was thinking of adding photos to it, but I don’t think it’s possible due to the performance.
Thank you


Are you trying to display all 24,950 items in one list on one screen? That’s a lot to cache on screen. Could you categize the items and navigate through categories before getting to items? Or turn on the “Show only a few items” option so it doesn’t load so much on screen, but still allows the search to work.

I’m not sure where to find that screen in your app.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager

. Thanks for your answer.
Yes, the idea is that you have a search in the price list without having categories.

I have only one screen in the app.

Ok. I see more than one screen, but not the one in your screenshot.

Can you try the “Show only a few items” option?


That’s taking up almost 2Gb and up to 3Gb at times of memory on my computer. That’s pushing the limits of most devices.

Again, have you tried to enable the “Only show a few items” option?

Sorry for the mistake above.
Try just show some and continue in the same way on the mobile.
On the desktop I am much better.
Thanks a lot
then I have an alternative to try. If it works better than this I share it.

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