Formatting + language questions

Hi there,

just started with glide today and really like it so far.
After surfing the FAQ section i couldn’t find any information on these both questions. Hope somebody can help me.

  1. We in Germany use the “.” as the thousand separator (1.000 instead of 1,000). (How) can i format number columns or “big number” fields that way?
  2. Can i translated button field or default text, like “Submit” at button or “Filter by”. If yes, where?

Thanks a lot and kind reg,

Language and Regional Locale settings should be automatic based on your browser an OS settings. Make sure you system is configure for German.

Thanks for the hint reg. 2 - this is working in german setting, nice.
Any idea reg. the thousand separator?

I would think that it would have taken care of both issues, unless there are some other settings that you need to adjust. You could try asking @Nex_Im. They are from Germany and have recent dealt with commas/decimal issues.


Comment from Jeff in another topic:

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