Local/Regional Settings Needed

Hi Glide team,

Could you please provide local/regional setting, i.e. currency, number, date and etc (like Google Sheet or Excel)? My client requests all numbers and dates should be displayed on Indonesian format.

Currently, I have to add js column for every single number on each table to adjust existing format to Indonesian format (image below). I think it’s relatively time consuming and make ineffective and inefficient production time.

I’m waiting for Glide’s good news soon… :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:


The local/regional setting of your values depend on your device settings, Glide doesn’t have any influence on this.

If your users change their regional setting to Indonesian, your headache will disappear quickly. Here in Latin America we have the same problem and the easiest workaround is what I told you above.


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Hi @gvalero,

Does it work on all devices? My laptop already set up with Indonesian as regional format, but my app still displayed the numbers not on Indonesian’s currency format. The currency symbol (“Rp”) is only the set up of number unit on roll up column.

Yes, is this a problem with the separator? But when I use the translator, the format is correct.

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 10.24.07

What do you mean the translator? another software?

I have Google translator in the browser. Since Glide is a PWA and is tied to browser settings, maybe you should try it.

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oh ok. let me try on the browser setting.

terima kasih ya…

Sama-sama. :wink:

Hola de nuevo!

Try to change your web browser settings instead. This should fix your trouble.


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