🆕 Format Date Plugin

I am not quite sure how flexible the parsing is. It uses JavaScript’s Date.parse(). I should add an optional Input Format argument so you can help it interpret the input date.

@L.M please file an issue here: Issues · glideapps/glide-code-columns · GitHub


Escaped Text = URL friendly strings. Sometimes I need to send this value via a webhook or include it in the middle of a URL (not as a parameter in the construct URL)

Website Validator: true/false does it return a 404 or not

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Yes please. Would make calculations so much simpler👍

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Oh thks, David. I’m not sure it’s appropriate for me to file an issue at this early stage. Without knowing the general expected behavior and entry format.
I have not even installed a single plugin yet.

There are lots of countries here, there must be some patterns we’ll end up noticing all together to bundle the issue if it happens to be one.

Hi, don’t know if it’s in the scope of these columns: checking if an url is compatible with webview, and return 1 if yes
This enables us to display url entered by users either in webview (best) or via a link (with visibility condition)

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Don’t know if it’s in your scope, I love the mesh and triangles generate image :brown_heart:. I’m just gazing at them as they move, fascinating :smiley:
However, they appear paramount whenever I want to display them in layouts, in place of user profile pic, I mean.
Can you allow resizing?
Or icon column (not an emoji) to display an icon according to its number, name, whatever.
Also, can you enable to desaturate the emojis (grey version) = more elegant and unobtrusive.
Voilà :slightly_smiling_face:
Thks for your attention, David.

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A Randomize column, maybe? (you asked for that, didn’t you, BTW, @Robert_Petitto?)
Or any formula that Google Sheets can compute, in short & as a rule.
Thks :slightly_smiling_face:

Random Number would be nice. Set min/max threshold. Or Random Value within an array.


I also think that “pretty time / date” would be such a killer


Uh? What’s a “pretty time / date”, pls ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry. To be clear. It’s when you want to display a timestamp in a friendly manner relative to now. For example “2 mins ago”, “an hour ago”, “5 days ago”, “3 weeks ago” or “in 3 hours”. Make sense?


And in the same set of ideas, I’m using as captions for progress bars
100 % completed or
59 % in progress or
12 % started
with template columns, but it would be more clever to get the conditional text automatically depending on the range of values.
As you put it “in a pretty way”.
Which would be pretty cool :cowboy_hat_face:

Does it work in the future?
by the end of the week
next Friday
in 2 months’ time (for friendly deadlines)
and this morning, tonight, etc.
To be more user POV.

Ultimately it’s down to whoever writes the plugin to determine the rules (@david in this case, during hie coffee break)

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Does the fetch column have cache?

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Press this button to view the source code and see for yourself:


For extra brownie points, make one that supports Discordian Time :laughing:


Number 5. That is an interesting site.

I know my users would love hashtag suggestions.

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David, what about problems with Experimental columns?

Is it only me who needs to put all XC values into components to see their values in Set Column Values, trigger webhook, Copy to Clipboard, etc?

When is this expected to be solved?

Re columns: I suggest adding Rating to String.


It converts rating from rating component to chosen emoji.