Thank you for date format plugin

Glide Team, Thank you for the date format plugin!

I had created my own using Google Sheet formulas for multiple columns I needed including day of week only, month only, year only, and month/year combined. It was doing what I needed it to do in the app, but I had to drag those formulas down the columns in my Google Sheets to have the fields populate in my Glide App in new rows.

I have now replaced them all with new plugins and life just got a little easier!



Even without the Date Format plugin, most of those things you were going in your Google Sheet would have been relatively easy to achieve in Glide with a combination of Date Math and Template columns.

It’s almost always a good idea to get rid of spreadsheet formulas and replace them with Glide computed columns. If you have others you’d like to get rid of and are not sure how to do it, feel free to ask here. Lots of people willing to help :slight_smile:


Hi @Darren_Murphy
if i want to set Monday in the first Sunday of the following month is it possible to implement in Glide?

If only I had 5 dates with different months.
Here’s an example:
I want to get Monday on the first Sunday of this month, then the following month must be Monday on the first Sunday too


I used the new luxon format for dates (Plugin) and liked it but was kinda warned away from it by Thinh and Bob especially since I develop occasionally in Safari (but mostly chrome).

Glad it is working - any issues so far?

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Fortunately, I not doing any heavy-lifting calculations or ranges…I just need formatting. I want to be able to see that 7/7/2022 is “Thursday.” That’s all I need. I’m allowing users to filter on “show me farmers markets on Sundays.”

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If you only need that, maybe you can just use a weekday formula within a math column.

It will return 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday up to 7 for Saturday.

Then you can just map the number back to the text for the day, so users can filter by the text.

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