Add more date formats and time-since calculations

E.g. I might want Feb 3 or 2/3 vs the current “short” option of 3/3/2021 which is cumbersome.

Also, I’d rather not have to implement multiple helper columns in a sheet to generate something along the lines of the following where we show days if less than 30 days, months if less than 12 months, then a date. ideally starts with minutes then hours then days then months.


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Have you looked at this plugin?


Or this

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Thanks, @Jeff_Hager! I’m new to Glide. Love your prompt and helpful responses. Will dig into the plugins. Are they robust and reliable to use? I’d feel more comfortable if they were standard Glide features will test them anyway.

At the moment, they require the experimental column, so use it with a grain of salt.

As for using the standard built in column types, you can usually get creative with the math, template, or if columns to parse out pieces of a date and manipulate it, but it would go against your preference of doing it in a single column.

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Thanks. Yes, I just watched a video on doing this using a math column and (Now - to create an integer for days ago and then using a template column to create text along the lines of “xx days ago”. And then create another column to handle the special case of “1 day ago” vs “1 days ago”. A lot of columns! But I think that would that only work for days ago? Meaning I’d end up with “193 days ago” which isn’t intuitive…?

Well, you can do some crazy things with some math. ;-). But I would experiment with the plugins if you are looking for a simpler solution. Maybe they will turn into native features some day, but for now it’s a quick and dirty way to plug in some extra features with little work.

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