Form Not Recording New Entry

Hi everyone! Looking for some help on a form that seems to have stopped recording or saving info of a assessment / questionnaire that I have created. The first couple of tests worked with no issues but now it has just stopped entering any data. I have refreshed, tried it in a different browser, computer, reset the special values columns (email, unique ID, calendar) and still nothing. There are over 200 questions all of which are check boxes… so I am not sure if the number of checkboxes may have something to do with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you try scrolling down the sheet to see if the new rows are being recorded down there?

Bingo!!! Thank you so much! How do I get them to stop going all the way down at the bottom?

You can remove all the empty rows. The problem with Google is that they see empty rows as valid rows and skips them when writing new ones to the Sheet.

Thank you so much for this! I think I know when it started to happen now. I need to calculate the total of checkboxes for each new row and I did that in Google Sheets for future entries. Any suggestions on how to do calculations for future entries? Should I use Glide’s Data instead of Google Sheets?

When you say total checkboxes do you mean the number of TRUE values?

Yes. I have different sections that I need to get a count of the number of TRUE boxes checked.

How are you counting that for now? Do you have an Arrayformula?

You can do this with the Rollup function in Glide, but this won’t write to the sheet.

If you want to do it in the sheet, use an Arrayformula so it captures the whole column, even when new entries are added.

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Right now it is just counting the cells for the TRUE value into different columns for each section

And now you want to count all TRUE values, let’s say from the 4th column to the 100th column, or is there a different use case here?

There are about 250 questions and for each section there are 7-13 questions for each one. At the end of the spreadsheet there are columns that are totaling up the TRUE count for those sections. Hope that makes sense?

How many sections do you have, and in each section in average how many questions are there? I am having some options in my mind and will let you know.

22 sections or columns to determine the TRUE value count

As an example - Section A has 12 questions which are checkboxes (TRUE). At the end of the really long spreadsheet there is a column for Section A that displays the number of TRUE

Let’s say in section 1 you count the TRUE values for columns C to F.

The formula to put in the 1st cell of the column would be.

={"Section A count";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A<>"",(C2:C=TRUE)+(D2:D=TRUE)+(E2:E=TRUE)+(F2:F=TRUE),""))}

I have never done an ARRAYFORMULA before, what do you use them for?

Also, can’t you tell the formula to do C through F or do you have to type each column?

Here’s a post I wrote about it.

There might be a better solution, that’s why I asked how many columns do you have for each section because it might get ugly when you have too many.

However you only do that once and from then it’s automatic.

Thank you I will look into it.

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Derek, please share the link to you app and mention or screenshot the form not working.

Jesus A.

@eltintero, I found the issue with the “not saving new entries” thanks to @ThinhDinh but now I need to tell glide to count the number of TRUE for each vitamin in the column for that vitamin total.

I previously had Google Sheets with an infinite rows with the formula to count the number of TRUE values but Glide kept adding all the new entries at the bottom.

So what I need help on now is to tell Glide to count various columns to get a total for - every time a person enters a new questionnaire. Any ideas @eltintero