Form-Like Detail View

So I’m currently using a very hacky, ugly, but simple way to display extra meta details about a particular row of data that I don’t want cluttering up the main detail screen for that row of data. I simply add a Form button and remove all components and then just add non editable components (ie Basic Text and RichText) to display bits of meta-information about that particular row of data being represented on the screen where I put the form button… information that’s just not important enough to clutter up the look of that previous screen but that I want users to access if they want.

The only snag is that greyed out Submit button in the upper right that gives away my dastardly plan.

But then I thought, man, if that Cancel text was replaced with a Done text and that Submit button was gone, this would be a killer new component for bringing up extra details that were chosen not to be included on a detail screen. Different buttons could bring up different sets of data from that row. It would be pretty smooth, simple and slick flow.

And to be honest, aside from this method, I can’t even think of a simpler way to take users to a new screen displaying a different set of details from the detail screen you came from. But I’ve been looking at a screen for hours, so my brain is fried.

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The only thing I could think of is single relation back to the same row in the same sheet. You can have different layouts against the same sheet row, but it only works if the the top level of the tab is a detail style layout. Any deeper than the very top level, then the detail component layouts are shared among all views. That’s a very cool idea though. I’ve also seen requests for collapsible regions of components which I think would work very well in this case.

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My sense is something like this should be pretty straightforward to implement since it’s just basically the form component with a slight variation on top buttons. And if this kind of sub-detail screen was added to the linking options of an Image, you could make really nice image buttons to bring them up.

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