Form data not showing in Google Sheet

One thing I am very curious on is the matching data types for each column. I’ve looked at the above posts and nothing seems to be helpful.

Jeff, do you know of a contact for someone at Glide?


I don’t know what to tell you. Any recent password changes? Maybe try signing out and back into the glide builder. Clear cache, restart browser, and computer. Without seeing it myself, I don’t know.

Could you share your app please, and tell me where in the app you submit the form?

Hey Mark!

On the far right/bottom tab called ‘Sign In/Out’

The problem is that Glide is trying to write to a protected sheet, and it can’t. Could you try unprotecting all your sheets, please? After that all the rows that you’ve added should come in in short order.

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Hi there sir, i am facing the same issue ,the data can be seen in glidesheet but not google sheet and i am not using any arrayformula either.

i am facing its opposite issue too . i have deleted some data in google sheet but it can still be seen in app. need help.

Have you clicked the sync button inside Glide?


Have you tried scrolling all the way down to see if those rows are there in your Sheet?

oh i see, they are at the bottom.thank you

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Make sure you delete all the empty rows then :wink:

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