Form Choice Not Populating On Google Sheet When Submitted

I have a form on my app where I want my employees to clock in and out each day. I have a Google Sheet setup with these columns:

  • Employee (populated by user email)
  • Timestamp (populated by current date/time)
  • Action (Supposed to be populated by choice field)
  • Row ID (Auto generated on submission)

I set the form up where all the employee sees is the options of Clock In and Clock Out with the Submit button right below. When testing this, the data goes to the Google Sheets and shows the email, timestamp, and row ID, but not which of the choice options (clock in/out) that was selected.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

You are setting Action as an Additional Column value on the form. Do not set that because Action will come from the choice component instead.

The way you have it set now, it is going to overwrite the Action set by the choice component with the action in the parent row that the screen containing the form container is attached to.


That worked perfect, thanks!

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