Was this ever solved? Submitting forms without showing a form


Feb '20
I have a form that is only submitting data that the user does not have to enter. Is there way to not have it to take the user to a blank screen to Click - Submit?

You can create columns user-specific and use the action Add Row

Have you ever tried?

As @Lucas_Pires said, I use it regularly, it works very well: a simple button + add row

If you don’t need users to fill anything then I think you only need a button to add rows using your screen values or user profile values, not necessarily user-specific columns.

OK, thank you.
I have gotten the add row to work however I do not understand how to fully populate the row.

What I am doing is having the user enter an amount of “A” and then the Sheet calculates and displays the amount of “B” to add for the correct ratio.

I’ve got this portion working and it populates the new row with the user ID (email), amount of “A” and amount of “B” but I can’t figure out how to populate the timestamp field. I guess because this is actually form time. Any way to add a timestamp for “add row time”?


When building your form, did you try to add some fields from the “screen columns”?

Thank you, it worked.
Now, I have a trigger set up to clear the fields when a row is added. Is there any way to make that data “stick” in the users app screen for “X” amount of time, or until the next time they open the app?

I never tried, but did you combine

  • custom action: set column > “clear value”
  • component “Stop watch”?


Would have no idea how to combine those 2.

Neither do I, but there are many posts in the forum about Stopwatch

Sounds like your timestamp can just be populated by the special “current time” field in the form.

Can you explain why do you need to clear the fields here and what fields do you clear? What is the “trigger”?

Based on this post this is a no go:

I did get the timestamp working. Thank you.

The app shows the user the results of the ratio calculation from the top row of the GSheet. I have an onchange trigger which clears those results when a new row containing user email, timestamp, amount of “A” and amount of “B” is added. This also clears the results from the UI. I need those results to “stick” in the UI for some amount of time as the operation the user is performing will take, lets say, 5 minutes and the user may need to refer back to the results.

My goal is to avoid having the user have to click on the form submit because they will probably forget and then the next user will have erroneous data populated which could cause confusion and/or mistakes.

So, perfect world = User enters amount of “A” and hits Calculate Dose button. Dose is calculated and displayed on the same screen and data is added to new row on Gsheet. Displayed dose data is available to user for “X” time or until app is closed.

I don’t use Glide anymore but I posted a generic cron system using java on the backend of google sheets. I can’t rwmwmbwe where but you could look through my posts for it. I have switched to nullkode.io and adalo depending on what I need.

nullkode.io literally builds the app for you using modules and they provide source code for all apps as well as PWA’s at no additional cost. So when I’m done with my app I don’t have to keep paying ppl for it. I own it forever.