Form bug?

Hi, since yesterday, I cannot open my button Forms anymore, while they are not in a container (I know that there is a bug on this one).
Is it a known issue?

I can’t submit my forms this morning. All of the entry components are filled but the “submit” button is still “greyed” out…

Yes, it was reported earlier today.

The workaround until it is fixed is to move your Form components outside of the container.

(will close this)


Okay. Thanks @Darren_Murphy…I was freaking out thinking I must have done something wrong in my building process…

Thanks but as mentioned,

  • my form is not within a container.
  • I cannot open it at all (it is not just a “submit” issue)

Okay, that sounds related but not quite the same.

Can you submit a ticket please?

(have recategorised this as a bug, and will leave open)