Forget Typeform, try Tripetto

Typeform is great of course, but there pricing is steep imho.
I like the Dutch Tripetto even more and it’s free. Yes for now, but every questionaire you start now will be free forever.
Here’s how I use Tripetto in Webview. Give it a try!


And this integrates back to Google Sheets?

You can via Zapier

Is the result appears in quite real time after updated by Tripetto?

Very nice find!!

Yeah, pretty much, comparable to all Zapier syncing

Wow, I never even knew about Webview in pro. Since I just bought a LTD on a great new form/quiz builder called QuestionScout I thought I’d give it a try and it works great.

The price is right but won’t be around for long.

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The most amazing thing about Tripetto is that it showed me how the concept of “Chat” is merely just a different way of displaying customer interaction “Form” input.

All of the questions, quizzes, forms and interaction can be displayed either as a scrolling form, or in “Chat” view, simply by clicking one of their three “Form Face” presentation choices.

I build chatbots and have somehow never realized this before. Just goes to show how little at least one of us knows.

Thankfully we have a sharing and supportive community here who are willing to share and occasionally admit that we don’t know it all.

Thankfully, we just have to stay several steps beyond our client’s skill-set. Today I feel light-years ahead.