Forcing User to Go thru All Steps

I have three worksheets. Only the first worksheet is shown as a tab in my app. After the user adds a record starting in the first tab, I want them to be taken automatically to the 2nd and 3rd sheets in that order. I can’t see a way to do this since i can’t add a button component in the add screen which would then link to the second screen. Can someone suggest how i can accomplish this so the app prompts user to completes all steps?

How about a driver sheet to use as your main tab? Then put 3 form buttons to fill each sheet with rich text directions for each button. It’s hard to say more without knowing what each sheet does and if there is any relation between the sheets. If the sheets are related together, is it a one to many or a one to one relationship?

Thank you for the idea. But this would still require that the user tab through the buttons and thus go to the different sheets. I would like to design it such that at there is a button at the end of the first add screen that takes the user to the second screen. Why isn’t there an option to add a button component in the add screen?

A button would take you away from the add screen without submitting the entries that were made on it. This would probably require some sort of new Submit/Link to Screen button.

I asked about the relationship between data to see if everything could be entered in one form and then split apart in the sheet backend. If it’s a one to one type of relationship, you could possibly get creative using the visibility option.

I can’t use the relation feature. I’ll stick with the driver sheet for now. Thank you