Floating on map is it working?

Hi guys,

For me, the option to choose “floating” when displaying an item on a map is not working… does it work for you ?

What about it is not working?

@Jeff_Hager the floating option …for me it’s not working ,… the item is displayed at the bottom

I’ll have to check later when I get to my computer. I wonder if it works differently with different screen sizes.

Still working normally for me. Please show a screenshot or a video from your side where it isn’t working.

@ThinhDinh I’m referring to the mobile version

Has it ever been not at the bottom?

@ThinhDinh I don’t know … that was my question , if it’s working :slight_smile:

If I recall right, it has always been at the bottom.

Yeah, it’s definitely based on screen width and makes complete sense to me. On a small screen, such as a mobile, there just isn’t enough room to float the item details next to a pin, so it defaults to the bottom. Whereas on a larger screen, there is a lot more room to float the item details next to the pin.

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Yeah, if you use floating on a small screen, there’s a chance it blocks everything else and it’s not a good experience.

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