Maps Improvements For Pages****

Dumping a pages map feature request, UX, and bug list all in one post for Glide Devs to add to backlog. Tag team members as appropriate plz:

-BUG. Floating tooltip should snap to fully “in-view” when pin is clicked (screenshot below).
-REQUEST/UX. Allow map size option “fit to full screen” like in Glide Apps. Issue is particularly bad on desktop, much of the map is below the fold (including “bottom tooltip” if clicked). If choosing a smaller size, mobile only gets a half page map.

-BUG: When typing address directly into a field (IE, so user can verify their address is showing correctly) map gets confused and bugs out. It either places pin a random global place, or no pin at all. We can hack out a staging function, but please be aware.
-UX: Pin Grouping: Long overdue. Group pins that are “stacked on top of each other” and inaccessible on the map.
-REQUEST: Count pins showing in current map-view. Bottom left counter. I know this is easy on Google Maps API, not sure about OSM/Mapbox.

PS: Thanks Glide Devs, you’re making good progress on Pages. Some good no-code, easy buildable solutions there for us dummies.