Floating button in Pages

Is there a timeline for implementing the Floating button in Pages?
I’ve started migrating my Apps to Pages but floating buttons are a much better user experience for using Pages on mobile than the inline buttons :neutral_face:

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Really what’s up with that
This is very missing in GLIDE PAGES


They are working on it.


Excellent, good to hear

I was so confused when I didn’t see this button. And then I realized that I am in the new app building not classic. Had to go back and dig a little. Would be nice to have it back!

Yep we need the floating button :+1: Thanks!


:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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2 years from this thread and still waiting…


Hi man, did you get the floating button??

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I’ve read a lot of the back and forth on this and related topics surrounding feature request prioritization, deprecating features, etc. on the forum.

I think whether you’re working on a Glide app that is consumer or business focused, UX is still of utmost importance. In this example, the floating button (especially configured using a compound action) is such a powerful tool for both developers and end users, whether consumer or business oriented. With more and more app use on smaller devices, keeping powerful action at the forefront seems paramount.

On the topic of deprecated features, I can understand deprecating an existing feature that is underutilized by Gliders at large — or buggy — to reallocate time and resources for other development and app support. However, I still don’t understand the reason for deprecating features that are actively being utilized for improved UX. In addition, the same deprecated feature is in the Top 15 of all feature requests listed on the Glide forum right now — top 15 of hundreds of other requests. Feature Requests - Glide Community

Then it comes to ecosystem. Gliders build businesses, livelihoods, and reputations using Glide software. They build beautiful apps to meet both consumer and business needs, while actively supporting other Gliders to improve the skills of the community at large. Through these actions we dive deeper into the Glide ecosystem. That said, when features and/or components are deprecated without any suitable workaround, Gliders are the ones left holding the bag.

How do we explain to consumers and businesses we work with the reason why their app is now less functional and user-friendly?

Glide, just like an software business, has tough choices to make with its limited resources: allocated resources to developing the floating button or Glide AI columns (for instance).

It’s a question of prioritizing features to be developed.

Hi, @nathanaelb. Yes, I understand and that’s why I mentioned reallocating time and resources for other development and support in my comments above. It’s my view that new development should build on existing features, not migrate a portion of the current feature set and relegating other existing features to being voted back up by the community.

I’m all for moving app dev forward and the introduction of new, powerful components like AI. My concern is leaving behind existing features being used by countless apps — especially those that greatly enhance UX — and putting Gliders in tough positions with clients trying to explain why the feature is no longer available.

I agree with you 100%. One the one hand I find it frustrating to see so many bugs and unfinished features, on the other I tell myself that hopefully Glide knows what they are doing and they are leaving bugs and unfinished features for a good reason. So far it seems to be working out :person_shrugging:

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Still hoping they won’t abandon the floating button, favorites, and other features left behind after the migration. Especially since some of those same features are in the Top 15 feature requests of many hundreds of requests in the Feature Requests queue.

The floating button would be great! Favorites would also be nice, though you can more or less rebuild that with actions (yes it won’t be a nice heart overlay). I used to use the floating button a lot.

Any update on this?

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