Filter with aggregation and values greater or less than

Hello. Please help me to understand the design of filters.
I work on projects in real estate.
There is a provision to create filters with the area of objects.
Each object has an area.
The filter has these values:
Suggested square footage: not important / up to 6000 sqm / up to 11000 sqm / up to 21000 sqm / more than 21000 sqm

How to aggregate the values in the card under these parameters.
Used if the else and single value, but I don’t understand how it should work.
How to clean filter options compare them output under this card?
Example: warehouse area is 5999 it is less than 6000 sqm. How to display this card when a visitor selects a value up to 6000 sq.m.

And how to display the card if the visitor selects a value greater than 21000 sq. m.

Interesting question. Let me draw something out.

The main problem here is an object can belong to multiple filter categories.

Up to 6000: Only contain [1]
Up to 11000: Contains both [1] & [2]
Up to 21000: Contains [1], [2], [3]
More than 21000: Only contain [4]

My approach is to use an If Then Else column to give all corresponding categories based on the size, like the screenshots above, then use a final split text column to split it out.

Then, you use that split text column result as your “filter” column.


Thank you. Can you tell me if it’s possible to implement a similar filter through choice? I will have several such filters. In app it is possible to make only one filter.

Do you want to implement multiple-choice for this? (I mean for a single filter can you do multiple choices)

If it’s just a single choice, then you don’t need the split part. Just add a filter condition like this:

“Size Choice” is included in item’s “Size Filter”.