Can we apply greater/less than conditions in filters on number based columns?

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I want to filter posts (Imagine LinkedIn posts but with distance mentioned on it) based on the distance. But in the filter option, I get the distance as a list of distances mentioned on each posts. Is it possible to apply filter condition based on conditions like within 10km, 20 km, etc. or conditions like distance less than 10 km, etc. Basically, I do not want users to select different distances from a list as that is not feasible.

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@Manpreet_Singh Have you seen this?

I assume you have an address column on each post. Do you want to use the native “filter” for non-details view or a method like @Rosewebstudio mentioned above?

Hi @Rosewebstudio,
Thanks for your reply. I think this should solve my problem. I will check it out. Thanks again!

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The solution shared by @Rosewebstudio will probably work. But, thanks for your reply @ThinhDinh

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Absolutely no problem, hope you get it working.

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