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I managed to create a template column that says how many places are near the user (see screenshot, "They are X Places of X in your near). I fed the placeholders with the sum in another column generated with Distance and If-columns. The numbers are correct, but I didn’t take into account the filter inputs the user can make. However, I would like to do that.
what would you suggest how I can unify the columns for the whole filters and the one for calculating the distance to the user to show the number of places nearby in conjunction with filter inputs?

I don’t know if I described my problem understandably, I tried.

Thanks a lot

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How are you handling your filter? If your filter logic is in the table with various IF columns, then you should be able to apply the same logic to return a number that you can use for rollup counts, a long with the distance column. If you are using the built in filter functionality in the collection configuration, then you will need to move that logic into the table. I realize this is a pretty general explanation, but it would all depend on how you handle filtering now.

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Thank you,
I think I am using the second method. How can I move this logic to table how you say?

Can you show/describe how your filtering is currently applied?

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I will try to describe it as best as I can.
I have the following filters:

(Translation from first two buttons: Only Free Locations, Only with Charging cable)

The “iPhone, Android, iPhone and Android” selections based and are only visible if you have clicked “Only with charging cable”.

I did the Filter function with If-Columns in my Table. By clicking on the Filter button, the information goes to a single value column and then to the If-Columns:

All filters work great.
The If column is checked if the single value column is empty or the input matches exactly what was entered in the row.
My set of how many locations out of how many total works beautifully with the first two filters (“Only Free, Only with charging cable”), but I don’t know how to include the filters for “iPhone, Android, iPhone and Android”.

My “There are x of x locations near you” set works with another array column/Joined list column + another If column (See screenshot).

But this time the if column is with “is” and “is included in”. With this it worked at least.
But if I now include the info about “iPhone, Android…”, then the column checks me the lines where e.g. iPhone is included, but also the lines where Android is included, because this line also contains “Only with charging cable” and therefore the line is true. I also tried to exclude the two things from each other, but I don’t know how, maybe someone can tell me how. I am at a dead end.

I am very sorry if my description was redundant or unnecessarily long in some places, I tried to explain it in detail.

I really hope someone can help me with this.
Thank you very much and best regards

I made it work!
First of all, thanks to all who have tried to help. And I’m sorry that I have now written such a long post to say shortly after that I have solved it :smiley:
I don’t know why, but as soon as I write a question, I see things differently and come to the solution myself. I hope it’s okay.

My solution to my problem:

I connected the if columns “ifSelection” (which regulates my first two selections) with the “IfDevices” (which regulates only the devices) in a new if column. Thus it filters me everything as I want it.
Anyone who has a similar problem is very welcome to message me and I’ll try to explain.

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