Trying to make distance preferences (> 5,10,25 miles)

I want users to be able to select a proximity for the businesses they want to see:

I’m about half way there, I just can’t seem to connect the actual selection, to all the businesses LESS THAN that distance.

I have the distance
I have the salons within those distances checked
I have the selection
And now I’m stuck! (I can’t figure out how to connect the selection back to the conditions that fit it.)

  • Add a Single Value column that that applies the selected distance to all rows
  • Now create an if-then-else column:
    – If Single Value distance column is empty, then true
    – If Distance to Salon is less than Single Value distance, then true
  • Combine that with your other filters (if-then-else is checked)

ok i added single value column and then started the if-then-else, but it won’t let me compare the current distance to user (meaning salon distance to user) to a single value?

Do i need to make the single value into a roll up so it knows it’s a number?

nope, that doesn’t work


You were using a text column type for the original “Distance toggle selection”. Has to be converted to a number.

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:melting_face: Oh right haha got it. You’re the best, thanks! And thank you @Darren_Murphy