Distance button not working

Switching from the old app to new app. I have several filters to sort recommendations.

Distance button is set up exactly the same as before.

When I click on the button, it registers the choice in the database, but doesn’t highlight the button (which means you can’t uncheck it either) AND it isn’t acknowledged by the filter.

I’m assuming this is because it’s GPS related and the new app seems to be more computer based than mobile based, but my whole app is based around location.

Any ideas what could be happening here?

What is the value that is written to the table? Any commas or spaces?

ok strangely, now it’s registering what i click on, but it’s still not highlighting the button. I just clicked on <10miles.

Perhaps my computer wasn’t connected to my location at the time? I notice while I’m working, my computer’s access to my location goes in and out. Is there a way to correct that better on a computer? I’ve only manually done it on a mobile.

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Again I just clicked on 10 miles button and it filtered but the button highlight didn’t move:

OK, so your choice component is writing the value as it is shown (no underlying values that are different than what is displayed). Am I correctly seeing a space character in your choice values? At any point, did you ever copy and paste the values used for the choice component? If so, what happens if you manually retype them in your choices table?

I’ve had the location go in and it on my computer too. I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t have a GPS, so it’s probably sporadically using the IP address to figure out a location.

I don’t think i have any spaces anywhere? I didn’t copy and paste data, or change anything, I just duplicated from my old app

Maybe I’m missing something then, because your previous screenshots don’t show you using the ‘Distance Option Value’ column at all.

I think you are writing the text (words and all) and not just the number. But since you are writing to a numeric column, it’s only showing the number, even though the underlying value might contain the rest of the text. The number by itself does not match the text which contains the < symbol and Miles. The choice component can’t determine which value was selected because what the numeric column is displaying does not match the text value that your choice column is writing.


GOT IT. Thank you!!

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Hey @Katelyn_Alberts, The new Glideapps has Multiple Filters natively just in case you didn’t know about this.

oh no way where?!? Thanks for the heads up, i’ll check it out!

Will save you so much time and updates as well

Ah, perhaps I’m doing it wrong but I don’t think I can use those specific choices for the in-app filtering bc they are on a separate table from the businesses, and therefore not available - as it looks like I can only filter columns from my business table.

However, I might be able to filter something else that IS within the business table!

That sounds like a weird way to construct it though. Wouldn’t you have info you want to be filtered on in the Business table itself, as a part of each entity?

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The businesses select which options fit their salon but all the choices are listed here. So the complete lists for customers to look through aren’t on the salon table. I’m not sure how it would make sense to add this to the salon table?

I mean this is just a choice list. Wouldn’t these values be chosen already by the salons in their profile? If so, you can just filter by those columns natively.

Unless I’m doing something wrong, they don’t list out right…

They are clumped together in the manner than the salons have them listed? I thought perhaps it was because they can select multple options.

Also it looks like the in-app filters only works on 1 list, whereas the filters I made work for multple lists at the same time. So I can have featured salons first and then freemium salons below.

You should split them into an array before pointing the filter to that array.

However, if you need a single “filter” screen to work with multiple collections, then you should stick to what you did before. Much more difficult process though.

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