Filter Inline list with 3 Conditions

How to Filter a list with a few logical operators? like (and and )or

I want to filter by signed User and date Or if no sign up then don’t filter

Just add additional conditions!

Hello. I understand what you are talking about. It seems to me that it is impossible now.

I can suppose this solution:
Make two inline lists, one of them will be visible only for signed user and it will be filtered specifically for them. The other one will be visible for those who is not signed and it will not be filtered.

Maybe there are more elegant solutions but it is the one that I came up with right now.

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Hey Robert,

If you add another condition it will have the same operator as the previous one.
As you can see in my question i need to use both “or” & “and”.

Is there a way to do that?
I I should use a sheets formula?

Yes, I do it that way also.
I have an app with 2 types of users and I need to make each time 2 inline lists with visibility conditions for each.

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Thanks a lot

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Ah…gotcha. Yeah…You might need to use a template column that combine the “ands” and then use that as one of your conditions. Then use the OR in the actual filter.

If that doesn’t work, create two lists and set the visibility conditions to only display for signed in user or not.

Read from this post to the end of the thread.

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It crossed my mind the issue is that you cant use logical operator in a template column
So no Combinations as you proposed.

Im trying the second idea.
I made a new tab and made it detail layout.
Added a list to this layout
The source of this list is a sheet the using the ARRAYFUNCTION to copy columns and data from other sheet.
The problem is when i try to condition the visibility of the list he retrieves the properties from a category sheet and not the one I intended to(items). How to fix it?