A Little Filter Help


I am trying to filter this inline list and can’t seem to get the results I want.

I would like to filter a sheet based on 2 columns. The row should be displayed if the end date is on or after today. A few rows do not have an end date, however, so these should be shown only when the available column does not equal 0. I added equals ‘blank’ for the rows which have an end date, but nothing filled in on the available column.

This is what I have setup currently:

See anything I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

Would Available is greater than 0 or End date is on or after today work?

No :frowning: In both cases the old dated rows are showing up.

Which condition does the old rows satisfy?

Ahh Available is ‘blank’ …I removed that and it seems to work since I now have Available is greater and 0, so it actually knocks out the blank ones. Thanks!

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OK, I want to also add another line list where it fits the above qualifications but also has ‘Yes’ in the exclusive column. Problem is everything has to be ‘OR’ or ‘AND’. You can’t combine them when filtering.

I’m looking for: Exclusive is ‘Yes’ AND Available is > 0 OR End Date is on or after today

Anyone have an idea?


My thinking is you would have to create two if then else columns in the data.

  • Available & End Date ITE:

If Available is > 0 then True
If End Date is on or after Today then True
Else False

  • Final ITE

If Exclusive is not Yes then False
If Available & End Date ITE is not True then False
Else True


Thank you Thinh!! That seems to work.