Filter based on column of parent list?

Hi all,

Is it possible to have a list within a list (either inline list or list relation) which can be filtered based on the column value of the parent list?

e.g. list of items displayed by a column, then within that list, another list which is filtered based on that same column?

This is possible for forms within a list e.g. I can add a column from the parent list so that user does not need to enter the same value again – but not sure if possible to filter a list based on parent column.

note: it looks like I can add a filter and explicitly select a value but that value would then be applicable for all items in the parent list. What I need is to be able to input a variable for the column instead of explicit value.



You can do this in the current version of glide by using the Relation column in the data editor and checking the match multiple checkbox.

Being able to filter by a variable in the inline list would also be a powerful feature, I think.