Menu lists acting as filters of another list

I’m now working on lists menus that act as filters for another list that has the data to be filtered.
The first filter menu is macro category for the second list and so on.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand.
What you’re saying is that you’re filtering a list, and need suggestions? Also, I am not exactly sure what a ‘list menu’ is. I’m just gonna assume that you’re adding a regular list, and not screens in the menu. Although you could filter that too. I’d be proud to give you suggestions, but I’m kinda confused…

It’s like:

horizontal list 1

  • filter 1 - filter 2 - filter 3
    horizontal list 2 (optional)
  • filter 2_1 - filter 2_2 - filter 2_3
    adn then
    vertical list
    product 1 with filter 2_1
    product 2 with filter 2_2

Can you maybe take a pic of what you are refering to?

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I’m even more confused than before! It’s not your fault, I just suck at understanding things. As @Drearystate asked, would you be able to provide us with a screenshot? If not, it’s okay.


like this, where the first horizontal menu list of filters is the father of the second horizontal list of filters, and maybe there will be a 3rd one and on the bottom the vertical list is the filtered one, maybe updating as the filters get selected.
Also, some method to make it more elegant, like instead of more than one horizontal filter to have just one that updates as the user clicks, but in that case there must be some button or something that allows to go back

Like the title says…

When you select a image/button in the top list (inline list) it needs to enter data for you, you need the action to set a column value to that and have the data on the sheet filter by that column. Lists aren’t intended as filters. I use them as a kind of filter but they go to the same page with a filter applied and it looks like it’s a filter. But if you want it to actually filter you will have to do the first suggestion. or use a choice option that filters for you but again it enters data to the sheet. You can use glide sheets to make this instantaneous so there is no delay.

Yes I’m already working on that method I just wanted to know if there maybe is something I don’t know, cause I’m having trouble writing tothe whole column or using user specific columns

I think you might want to have ThinhDinh or Robert Pettito chime in on that. I normally use Glide as the UI and do most of the work in sheets and scripts to program what I want. But as far as I know you are doing whats available already.


Would link to screen work here, with relations to the right items for each “filter”?

That’s the problem, I don’t know how to do it.
I’m using a separate sheet for the menu filters setting a user specific column to the choosen filter but then I should then write the choice to all the rows of all items to look for a realtion and I don’t know how, or if I can make it differently

Let’s say we have 2 layers of data.

Layer 1: Layer 1 ID | Content | Relation to Layer 2 (Layer 1 ID - match multiple)

Layer 2: Layer 1 ID | Layer 2 ID | Content

Then in the layer 1, set the action to link to screen, set the relation to layer 2 as the source of data.

Then you do the same thing for the next layers.

ok and thx for the suggestion, for now I’m trying to keep everything in one screen though

I think the best way should be to use some sheets formula, where I can address a single, or two cells as filters reference and create a list querying those cells.

I’ll look into it as with glide’s tool I can’t work a solution - edit - I forgot I can’t use user specific cells in sheets…


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Is what you are describing a “cascading filter” – like you select the country, then it shows you states for that country, select a state and it shows cities in that state for you to pick ?

yes, and I know I can use the choice component, but that component is limited and ugly so I’m trying to use lists as filters

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