File Upload & Client Comms

I’m using AirTable as the data source and looking to build a client portal.

Facing a few issues:

1 - I want clients to view files related to their project. Linking to files displays their url and not the actual file thumbnail.

What’s the best way to approach this?

2 - Is it possible to allow a user to upload files without adding an entire form?

3 - Is it possible to allow client communication under respective projects?

I think you’re linking to the file itself, not a thumbnail URL that can be displayed as an image. I’m not sure if there’s an automatic way to do that.

I think you can add a file picker pointing to a user-specific column, then a button to “Save” that file to the database, but I don’t know how you’re structuring your data though.

I assume you have a Projects table and a Files table. A project can have many files. In that case, the button will add a new row in the Files table.

You can add a table to store Comments, and relate them back to the Project by the Project ID field. Use the same approach as the file picker, show a text entry with a button to add a comment to the Comments table, and a collection to show all added comments.

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