Multiple pages projects sharing the same user stored in Airtable


I assume that’s possible? To have two or three Pages projects sharing the same users table - so that the same users can access both apps.

Just that i tried setting it up and I am unable to selected the users table in settings. It defaults to None.

I have the users table stored in Airtable - maybe that’s the issue?

Yes, it’s totally possible. If you used a glide table for your user table, then you could easily add that table to any other project. If you are using any other database source then that database needs to be part of your project, so in your case with Airtable, That specific Airtable base needs to be included in all projects that would use that same user table.


Thanks Jeff

It wasn’t working for me at first but I was foolishly (odd for me that…) using an image and role column set in the users table which is stored in Airtable.

Of course that would mean the new columns are user specific which fowls things up.

I’ll get there one day….