Figuring out how to display 'current status'

Hi all,I’m looking for some help with a ‘current status’ feature in my app.

I have a choice component feature in our app that allows an admin user to change the ‘open status’ of a venue. The specific use case is that when we close a beer garden due to the weather, the beer garden manager can change the status to ‘closed due to weather’

At the moment the choice component updates a column which shows on the venue page - but I’d also like to trigger a notification when the status changes. The Zapier ‘update spreadsheet row’ trigger doesn’t work as it only triggers if the cell content is new - so switching between open/closed won’t trigger.

So I’ve tried using a form instead, and it almost gets me there - the form allows me to trigger notifications, but I couldn’t figure out how to update the correct row - as a form submission appends a row onto the sheet. So I’m now using a seperate sheet to collect form entries, and a relation column to connect the venue to the status - but I only want to show the most recent status, not link to all statuses.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?

Here’s the app:

How about a Webhook?