Create last change in value of status for present it in chart

Hi all.
I can’t figure it out,
I have some charts and statistics about the work record of the call center.
there is a chart I want to show which is:

Num of leads enters the system. //new raw added
Num of closing //changed Status
Num of follow-ups //changed Status
Num of fails. //changed Status
Num of no answers //changed Status

I can get all this info if I could show in the chart the changes made in my STATUS column //Today
thanks for the help.

What type of chart do you want to show? Is your question “how to get those types of info” or something like “how to count how many times my status column changed”?

thanks for getting back to me. it was a simple solution and no code was required on the sheet, filter the data by date is today with a label on the content for status.
thanks again.

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