Fields hidden using Visibility Setting not working in Actions

Something I’ve noticed — wondering if there’s a workaround that anyone has thought of.

I’ve built a way for users to add “jobs” to their profile. This is done by a link to screen action on a button that provides them with a switch to “Add a 2nd Job”, then another switch to “Add a 3rd Job”, etc.

These switches reveal two text fields — the job title and department for each job.

The issue presents itself if/when someone needs to remove a job from their profile. If someone simply switches the switch back to “false”, the text fields under it don’t clear themselves and they still exist in the data.

To get around this, I built a “Save” button that has an Action on it to check if the switch is true or false. If it’s true, the action is simply to go back (since users are entering items directly into their profile row). If the switch is false though, the Action is supposed to clear the two fields underneath it. However, the fields also have visibility settings in them so that they are hidden when the switches are false (so the “form” is simply switches when they’re all false… so it looks nice).

The problem is that when the fields are hidden, the Action doesn’t seem to be able to act on them, even though the Action is looking at the state of the switch, which is still visible (as false).

The only thing I can think to do is to hide the switch after it’s marked as true so that users have to use a separate process to delete jobs from their profile. I’m not sure what that separate process should be, but currently, it doesn’t work as I’d hoped.


In one-to-many situations like this, I always tend to design the data to be one user row in one sheet to many rows in another sheet. But in your case, instead of a switch, I would probably avoid switches and instead only show job 2 if job1 is filled. Then only show job 3 if job 2 is filled. But then you have the problem if job 2 is cleared and job 3 is still filled. In those cases, I would set an OR visibility condition to show the field if itself is not empty. For example, the visibility condition on Job 3 would be if Job 2 is not empty OR Job 3 is not empty.


Smart solution! This is pretty much what I ended up doing, except for that last piece with the OR condition. I’ll add that in because it makes sense and helps improve the overall process. Thanks!