Field Not Populating

I have a form when job is created, we create a jobnumber.

However, for one particular user it is not populating, it is populating for other users but just not this one user. When I use the builder and test as that user it seems to populate.

I have had the user logout of the app and try again but same issue. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this ?

the second to last column shows you the emplyee ID and its ID 107 that is causing this issue

More often than not, the cause of these sorts of issues is Row Owners. So that’s where I’d start looking.

The user is not editing the row, the are creating it, all the rest of the data is populated fine.

I do not have any row owner columns in this table. I have 5 callcentre guys creating jobs. They all have full access to all the jobs all the time, so I do not need to control via rowownership just by userlogin.

Also when using the builder, I can change the problematic user and it seems to work fine.

Most likely it’s something to do with the device. If he/she uses another device, does the problem go away?

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Yeah, good point. And if it’s device related, then there is a fair chance it is also date related.

@Dan_San - can you show/explain how the Job ID is calculated? Does it involve date values in any way shape or form - either directly or indirectly?

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Thanks. So I got the affected user to login to a different machine and it seemed to work fine.
I then back to the original machine and delete the cookies and cached data. I am monitoring it, I think it is working. I will update you guys later.

How to calculate JobID ?

  1. I use rollup in Maxjob column to give me the highest job number already used from IDsequence (see below on explanation)
  2. I then calculate NextJob = MaxJob + 1
    ---- this was then used as jobID at time of creating the job BUT, there was risk of duplicates if two people opened up the form at the same time, then both will get the same JobID----
  3. lkupem is the employee ID given at user creation this is unique for each user
  4. concatNextJob = emplyeeID and NextJobID this way two different users pulling the same ID will generate a unique ID (it will no longer be incremental but it will be unique)
  5. That new JobID is inserted into the JobID field
  6. Next I need to figure out what the sequenceID is (the incrementer before I did the concat join of employeeID and MaxJob (calculation shown)
  7. This sequenceID is then used to tell me what is the highest sequence used by becoming the input into the rollup column to start the cycle again