Possible bug : pulling in incorrect data

I am having this crazy issue, so not sure if it is an issue with my understanding.

In the builder I am trying to diagnose an issue, but this data at the bottom does not reflect the data I am inserting/generating in the above screen. It seems like it is pulling in the first record from table (22nd March).

The issue I am having is that I am trying to generate a jobID, shown as 1043440
The job ID is a concat (template) of employID(104) and a nextNum (3440), however the issue I am having is that the current employee logged in is DAN (101) and not adesh(104) who is being pulled in from the first record in the table.

It doesn’t matter which user I select the prefix 104 doesn’t change, and this is the same issue when testing from a mobile app.

Any thoughts ?

After the record is inserted, then it gives me the correct employee ID (101), but by then its too late because the JOBID has already been generated and inserted with the (104) prefix. Resulting in all jobs with a 104 prefix.

Can you show the configuration of the template? Are you sure it’s referring to properties of the current user and not the current row?


What you are trying to do won’t work, because the data isn’t available for the template until after the form is submitted, by which time it is too late.

To do what you want to do, you will need to use a Custom Form. Then the values that are entered/selected will be held in User Specific columns, and your template will be able to use them.

Edit: the above is incorrect in this case. See below :point_down:


I think what David directed me to worked. I was pulling the data from the row, but now I changed it to pull the employeeID from the profile->empID I am now getting the correct information. I will do some stress testing and see if it is stable. (never stop learning).

@Darren, I also think you are correct, that is what I think I was seeing, but now that I am looking that the profile-empID, the correct employeeID is being pulled for the prefix. As I change my user in the builder, it is changing the ID.

Let me know if you need more context.

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ah yes, that will work :+1:

I didn’t read what David wrote (or process what you wrote) properly. As long as you’re not trying to use anything from the form screen for the template, then you should be okay.

yep… i confused myself a few times writing it so kudos to David.

Also my PHPdevs AND the client can not believe that I managed to get such rapid support at 9pm at night from a community forum, what is blowing their mind is that I got support from the CEO :slight_smile:

Thanks David/Darren


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