Duplicate jobIDs using counter

Hi Team,

A while back I had reached out on assistance on how to create a counter for JOB NUMBERS and I was given a solution based on a combination of 2 columns where I get a max number by doing a rolloup on the jobnumber column and then a math column which adds one to that to signify NEXT number

It was working fine, UNTIL, I had multiple people creating jobs concurrently.

i.e Next job = 50

user one goes and opens to create a job, the job number of 50 is assigned/pulled into the form, while he is filling out the rest of the information (prior to submit) another user goes to create another job, at this point the Next Job is still 50 and hence both jobs are created with job number of 50.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to resolve this.

Yeah, that’s a known issue with that solution.

To the best of my knowledge, the only way to work around that is to delegate the allocation of ID’s to a 3rd party and ensure that requests are properly queued and handled sequentially, instead of concurrently.

So, something like Make, Zapier or even a Google Sheet formula or script.


Thanks Darren.

I’m thinking keep it simple with an ARRAYFORMULA in GS… anything I need to be aware of ?

I guess it depends on how you set the formula up, but one thing to watch out for is auto-renumbering when rows are deleted. That may or may not be a problem?

Of course you’ll also have the sync delay to contend with, so when new records are added via Glide, there will be a short delay before the assigned ID shows up.

I have a solution that leverages the unique identifier value. The issue with using the unique identifier is it’s not user friendly (order number would be long string of txt)

Are you ok with a long string for your order ID? Are your users signed in? Are you using a native Glide form or a custom one?

Appreciate the input guys.

@Darren - Renumbering will be a big issue, these are client work-orders and we will be emailing them pdf of the final completed job

@Eric_Penn - How long ? It needs to be human friendly, preferably I would liked sequential numbers incrementing.

  1. Yes the users that are generating the workorder (ROW) are signed in
  2. I believe it is native form see screen shot