🙋‍♂️ Feedback Request: Buttons in Warning Box

When we edit a column in the Data Editor and click away from the column, we get the following warning box with buttons saying “Cancel” and “Discard”.

What do you think of these two buttons?
If something bothers you with this warning box, can you explain?
Would you have any suggestions to improve?

Great question! I usually take an extra 2 seconds trying to make sure I choose the right option because they have similar connotations.

This is my logical process when this pops up…

  1. Why is this box appearing suddenly???
    — oh, I can’t scroll while I’m editing :weary:
  2. Cancel - Cancel what?? …the edit?.. the last action (the scroll or whatever)?
  3. Discard - Discard what? Discard the edit?
  4. Oh ok… Since it can only mean discard the edit, then my decision is… And I decide.

Slows me down for sure. It would be great if the wording was clearer!

Maybe the options can be:

  1. Discard Edit
  2. Keep editing

or something like that but more eloquent, lol

I also think the highlighted button should be the one that lets you keep editing because I’d bet most times, people accidentally triggered this box to appear.


Align the buttons to the left (so it aligns with the text), and change the “Discard” wording to another thing that’s less similar to Cancel so it’s less confusing for new users.

For my own sake, I don’t hate the colors of the design, my mind got used to “accent” being “move forward” and “no accent” being “cancel”.

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I’ve never really had a problem with the popup. Maybe it’s just muscle memory and I’m use to it.

I guess if I would change anything, it would be the wording of the buttons.

  • Cancel → Continue Editing
  • Discard → Discard Changes

Having an undo-redo option is more useful. :wink:

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I’ve made this request before but the dialogue shouldn’t even pop up if nothing was edited right?


… and it shouldn’t pop up if you’re only scrolling. If we need to reference another column name, we might need to scroll while editing the column. Similar to how we can scroll while editing a cell…

ahem… it doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

CleanShot 2024-05-14 at 11.12.53

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lol, try a computed column and try to touch the scroll bar with your mouse. :yum:

Works the same with computed columns. I don’t have a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, well maybe it’s the mouse’s fault. I wish I could figure out Loom to show you :rofl:

I know what you mean, and I could replicate it if I really wanted to.
It’s because you are clicking outside the modal edit window. That’s what triggers the warning.
My point is that when you use a trackpad (or scrollwheel) to scroll, you don’t need to click anything, and scrolling should work normally.

So - if you really need to use a mouse - get one with a scroll wheel :wink:

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Oh ok. I have a scroll wheel so it’s ok with up and down but not left and right scroll… unless I just don’t know how to do it.

Long time since I’ve used a mouse, but I think some allow you to scroll in both directions without clicking. What happens if you gently move the scroll wheel left or right? (that might be detected as a click)

With a trackpad it’s just a two finger swipe in either direction :slightly_smiling_face:

My mouse isn’t so high tech. Only up-down scroll :sweat_smile:, nothing happens if I try to scroll any other way.
I’m the opposite of you… my touchpad is never touched :laughing:

I believe pressing CTRL while using the scroll wheel should scroll left and right.

I tried it. I end up zooming in and out

Try SHIFT. It’s some kind of key or key combination like that.

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shift works! :raised_hands:


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A simple “Save” would be great

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