🙋‍♂️ Feedback Request: Buttons in Warning Box

Further feedback would be most welcome :pray:

If the warning box doesn’t bother you, that’s wonderful.

If it has:

  • What do you think of these two buttons?
  • If something bothers you with this warning box, can you explain?
  • Would you have any suggestions to improve?

Thank you.

I always click on Cancel - I am not sure if i even fully read the warning.

In my mind, you either update a column and save or cancel your changes. If I click elsewhere then its by mistake and hence I want to cancel and go back to updating the column.

Why don’t you consider removing the entire warning and force the user to keep the column options open until the user clicks on cancel or save.

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The dialogue box doesn’t bother me.

I do hate the duplicate column behavior that adds ‘copy’ to the title. It would be great if the word copy was automatically highlighted when the duplicate is made so that any key would delete the entire word.

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No issue. The buttons make sense to me, but I can see how they could be confusing for someone else. “Continue editing” and “Discard changes” could be better.


Originally it was confusing but since I’ve grown used to it. I think if there was “Save” that would also make sense.

I’d really like to see a confirmation for deleting actions… and they could call it whatever they want :wink:

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