🤗 Featured on Payhere apparently

If you know how to code / host Stripe Checkout, surely. Payhere is a nice nocode solution.

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Sure! And has integration with Integromat to link payhere with Google sheets right? I ask it because with payhere if i have a product for 5€ for example. The comisions are:

  • 2% of 5€ (PayHere) = 0.1€
  • 1.4% of 5€ (Stripe) = 0.07€
  • 0.25€ (Stripe)

Right? Just to confirm that i’m doing well the calculus.


I think that looks accurate.

I know the pricing. I was asking for the combination

This is an amazing breakdown, thank you @Robert_Petitto!

I was wondering if there was a way for users to be able to view custom fields after purchase? My use case would be a user potentially having multiple subscriptions which could be differentiated by a custom field… so if they wanted to modify the subscription, they would know which subscription to modify (i.e. pay per listing).

Any response is appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

As long as you’re using Integromat t to bring the subscription data into the sheet, you certainly can. Custom fields are one of the parameters you can bring into Google Sheets.

Ah, I see. That makes sense! Now, would I be able to create a button in glide that could effectively cancel that specific subscription without the user having to log into Payhere?

Adrià. You can always use intermediate platforms that connect with Stripe and accept parameters in the url to pass final price. I have used Landbot for that. Landbot also connects with Google sheets. You could also use wooCommerce.
For low tickets in Spain i would use redsys.

Complete tutorial:


Been trying this for one hour without luck. I’m trying to cancel a subscription on PayHere from an Integromat scenario with a HTTP module, using their guide here.

However it always return a 401 error, I already used the Basic Auth request and entered my username & password.

(The API key is not fully shown so don’t worry)

Can anybody help, I would highly appreciate any guidance @Robert_Petitto @V88 @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy.

@ThinhDinh are you using the Sandbox environment right?

I faced this error before so when I used/changed to a real PH account everything worked!



Oh really? Yeah! This is a sandbox one.

Thanks man, I will try a real payment tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!


Hi @gvalero, I switched to a real payment and still got the 401 error (it tells me I need to sign in). I’m using it with credentials (email & password). Did you use a different HTTP request type?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Let me check my examples and let you know @ThinhDinh

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Good news but I live in Saudi Arabia which is not available yet, hopefully soon. Thanks anyway :pray:t2:


Looks like the helpful guys at payhere have sold up…

FYI :arrow_down:


Yeah…I’ve had a conversation with the new folks at Payhere and they seem like stand up guys.


Great that’s good to know…thanks


They must be, but because of my long-standing experience with acquired startups, I will watch them from a liitle distance :wink:

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