Favorites with Multiple Relation does not work

I have the Favorites component enabled using a Relation that does not bring up the Favorites tabs.

Anyone experience this?

Hi there @AjBruce. I’m not sure I understand totally, could you explain a little bit more and maybe share a link to your app or a screenshot or video?

Currently favorites do not work with inline lists - in case you are using that.

When I add the favorite component to a subcategory level layout, and the user clicks the “favorite” button, it does not appear in the main menu favorites list. Is this a bug or limitation? Seems like a very limited feature if we can’t use it for anything deeper than top level category items.

Got any screenshots? If I understand, it’s a limitation. You can’t set a favorite at a subcategory level and have it show up all the way to the top level.

I have the same problem. I have a relation to create a sub menu where I’m creating an inline list and allow favorites. I see from @JackVaughan reply that inline lists don’t work with favorites. Nor do sub menus it seems. However, even when I take it out of an inline list and make a separate tab where it is a regular list the favorite tab still does not show up. Here is my app: https://oneinventory.glideapp.io
Any help would be appreciated!

So strangely enough the “Favorite” label is now showing up on my tab where it is a main level list. Unfortunately, I don’t want to keep two tabs of the same category and I prefer to have this lists of items in a sub menu/relation to a higher level category which means I have to use inline lists. It would be nice if the system could be enhanced to allow for favorite filtering on an inline list. Hopefully that’s something that can come in the future. Other than that this has been an AWESOME app maker!!

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Could you point us to where in your app the Favorite component is, and where you expect the favorites to show up?

Thanks @Mark. I already removed the Tab that was a normal list as the Favorite label filter started working late last night. I’m not sure why it didn’t work immediately. I removed it because I don’t want two tabs and I would rather have my list in an inline list as a part of a sub menu. However, I understand from previous posts on this topic that is not possible right now. So I’ll just have to wait and see if an enhancement will come to allow favorites to work on inline lists. In the meantime, I removed favorites from my app.