Favorites Tab - Web vs Mobile interaction how to

What an amazing platform Glide is! I’ve been working on a fun app project recently and have run into some basic “Favoriting” UI functionality questions. An important note here is my app is password protected so I’m not sure if that changes functionality I am expecting.

All I want:

• If I favorite a post on Mobile I can then tap the favorites tab to see it.

What I currently experience:

• I have a list being pulled into my UI
• I have added the ability to favorite a post on my list
• When I am logged into the Web interface I am able to favorite a post and see it display in the favorites tab at the top of the UI (expected functionality)
• When I am logged into the Mobile app interface and tap to favorite a post the UI changes to a “we will email you a pin”
• All tab on Mobile displays no problem, but when the favorite tab is tapped I receive the email pin UI

There seems to be some functionality difference here. How can I make it so when I am on Mobile I don’t have to go through an email pin verification process to see what is displayed on the favorites tab.

Thanks in advance for the responses. Love Glide and really excited about platforms like this that enable me to bring ideas to life so effortlessly.

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Favorites are tied to a specific user. Because of that, when favoriting an item on your phone, it has no idea who the user is because you are just using a generic password. When working with the app on your computer, you are already logged in via your Google account. The app needs to know who the user is for some functionality to work. You need to change to either Whitelist or Public with Email so this verification happens in initial use of the app, instead of at the time of clicking on the favorite. The alternative is the way it works now where it will aquire an email address for the user when needed. This is the same with chat and comments on the app. It needs to verify the user so certain functions will work.

We can’t display your favorites until we know who you are, and email verification is how we figure out whether the you using your phone is the same you who favorited the items on your desktop.

Thanks for the info, makes sense.

Maybe a feature request for the future would be to detach favoriting from specific users if another form such as password is enabled inside the app.

The list of favorites for a given “user” resides on the Glide server. It is not stored as a local list in say a cookie. Therefore having just a password, that every other user uses to log in won’t work. It has to have some unique identifier so the back end known which records to show you in your app. Think about it, when you run the app on your phone, then another device, that you used the same email to obtain the pin on, you will see the same favorite records on both instances. That is because it knows who you are.

Understood. For my use case with the family app I have developed for my wife and I to stay organized, we actually want everything synced and not separated per user. I understand this in most cases is not the functionality most users will require.

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In your scenario, you could just register each device under the same email address. You should really only have to do it once per device.

I get it! You want to use Favorites without login.

You could just do this yourself with Switch/Checkmark and filters: https://favorite-foods.glideapp.io